Born in Sarajevo, in the heart of the Balkans, Miron Rafajlović was inherently drawn to music from an early age. He started studying classical guitar when he was only 8 years old. As a teenager in the early 90’s he was forced into exile due to the war in his homeland. He would eventually relocate to Canada where his encounter with jazz would profoundly alter his musical trajectory, propelling his trumpet playing to new heights.

In 2007, Miron embarked on a transformative journey when he signed a contract with the internationally acclaimed Cirque du Soleil. He was chosen as a founding member of the original cast for the newly crafted show ‘Kooza’, showcasing his talents on trumpet and guitar. Over the following 8 years, his life took on a new trajectory as he traveled the world, captivating audiences with over 2000 performances in more than 40 cities worldwide. His performances graced prestigious venues such as the Royal Albert Hall in London and reached television audiences, including an appearance on the Late Night Show with Jay Leno in Los Angeles.

In 2014 he would settle in Spain, and since then he has been one of the most sought after trumpet players in Europe and beyond, known for his versatility, soulful playing, and musical sensibility. He would release his first album ‘Trubadur’ in 2018 to great reviews. His debut release showcases his prowess as a uniquely talented composer, adorned with musical artistry and creative finesse, and features special guests such as Jorge Pardo, Antonio Serrano, and Israel Suarez ‘El Piraña’.

Apart from being a band leader, Miron has played on dozens of studio recordings including Latin Grammy winning albums, movie soundtracks, and documentaries. He has collaborated with a diverse array of artists like multiple Grammy award winners Alejandro Sanz and Niña Pastori, Cuban mastermind Alain Perez, as well as renowned musicians like Dhafer Youssef, Nguyen Le, Josemi Carmona, Javier Colina, Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent, Diego Guerrero, Pasion Vega, Pablo Martin Caminero, Caramelo de Cuba, Moises P. Sanchez, Munir Hossn, Ivan ‘Melon’ Lewis, Bojan Z, Ali Jackson, Nasheet Waits and many more.