1. Slugs’
  2. Bird of Passage
  3. Epic of Gilgamesh (trilogy) I. Uruk
  4. Murder of Don Fanucci
  5. Malada
  6. Epic of Gilgamesh (trilogy) II. Jabal Tāriq
  7. Taflajawa
  8. Macaréu
  9. La Fiesta
  10. Epic of Gilgamesh (trilogy) III. ILIRIA

Recorded in PKO studios, Madrid Spain. Mixed and Mastered by Shayan Fathi. Produced by Miron Rafajlović. © 2018 Superlala

With his 2018 release Trubadur Miron has firmly launched his career as a recording artist, composer and band leader. Self described as a ‘citizen of the world’ and having lived in several different countries on 3 different continents, he draws inspiration from vast rich musical cultures of this planet. 

Featured Artists

Ariel Bringuez / tenor sax  

Joulien Ferrer / trombone

Daniel García Diego / piano 

Toño Miguel / contrabass

Shayan Fathi / drums

Special Guests

Jorge Pardo / flute

Antonio Serrano / harmonica

Israel Suárez ‘Piraña’ / cajon

Kaveh Sarvarian / Persian ney

Juan Viera / conga 

Acoustic Heart

Trubadur is a 100% acoustic album, recorded through an analog 1970’s Neve mixing desk, patched into a modern digital work station. This along with the usage of several ribbon microphones gives the recording  a warmth that is sometimes lost in modern digital productions now days. This album features some of Spain’s most sought after young musicians hailing from Cuba, Iran and Spain, as well some very special guests like Jorge Pardo on flute, Antonio Serrano on the chromatic harmonica and Israel Suárez ‘Piraña’ on cajón, all of which were long time members of Paco de Lucia‘s group. 

My music is a mix of everything that has influenced and touched me throughout my life. The flavours range from my native Balkans, through the Mediterranean, Iberian peninsula, Africa, all the way to North and South America and the Caribbean. What I write is not filtered by a style, a genre or a tradition, it is rather filtered by my own ear and taste, hoping to fuse beautiful melodies, whether simple or complex, with rich and elegant harmonies. I am trying to dig deep and touch any listener with an open mind and ear, while always maintaining a high standard and respect towards the art of Music.

Trubadur has already created a buzz in the music world. Miron’s long awaited debut release although deeply rooted in the jazz tradition, seamlessly blends other styles ranging from Afro-Cuban and Brazilian to Arabic, Balkan and Flamenco. This record showcases a high level of musicianship, Rafajlović’s impressive melodic compositions provide an arena to highlight the extraordinary improvisational prowess of the musicians.

I was extremely lucky to have been accepted by the musical community in Spain where I have been living since 2014. I was drawn to the musical scene in Madrid because of it’s eclectic mix of flamenco, jazz and afro-cuban music. I’ve also been extremely lucky to have collaborated and performed with some of Spain’s top musicians in all genres, some of which I am honoured to have as special guests on my album.